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Fri, Jun. 2nd, 2006, 10:29 am
wirigerie: Good Intentions

I've just finished "Good Intentions" by Aya tsi scuceblu Walksfar.

It's a story about a young woman who goes off to college and discovers that the vague feelings of being different from her friends has a name. She starts a relationship with another woman but before it can get too serious Bev is called home. Her father has had a fatal heart attack. On arriving home she finds out her parents knew her dad had a heart condition and didn't give her the opportunity to come home and see him before he died. She feels betrayed by this and decides not to go back to college.

She gets a job with the family mechanic. She becomes good friends with her boss and then Rene dies. After Rene's death Bev is shocked to discover she's been left the mechanic shop and Rene's home. There are more shocks to come and Bev is unsure who exactly to trust as no one is as she has always assumed.

Bev continues to hunt up the truth. This hurts a lot of feelings including her own. I think in the end the truth is better out in the open rather than hidden the way it was for 20 years.

Each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character in the book. This was interesting because it was a vehicle to show the background from different points of view. It enabled flashbacks to be told by the different parties involved.

This book made me cry in lots of places. I've recently lost my father too so I could really relate to Bev's anguish. The secrets coming out slowly one by one were often painful and I could understand Bev's anger at being kept in the dark for so long.

I really enjoyed this book and would rate it 8/10.